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10 Things to Know About Your Ceremony

1.     Your ceremony can and should reflect your thoughts, feelings, ideas and beliefs.

2.     Your ceremony can be special and meaningful yet delivered within 20 minutes or less.

3.     Obtain your marriage license within 60 days of your ceremony.

4.     Select a qualified, experienced officiant that meets the state requirements.

5.     Your marriage license is obtained through the Clerk of Courts Office.

6.     After the wedding, your marriage becomes legal after the license is recorded by the Clerk of Courts Office.

7.     The perspective Bride and Groom must be present with picture Identification to obtain license if they are a United States citizen.

8.     Those who wished to be married in the United States and are coming in from another country, must present their passports to obtain a marriage license.

9.     Your ceremony can take place at the location of your choice.

10.   Destination weddings can be beautiful and easy for the couple when experienced professionals are chosen.

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