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Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need

Where does one get the marriage license?

In the state of Florida, it can be obtained at any Clerk of Court office, however; it must go back to that same Clerk of Court to be recorded. In Lee County, Florida, The Clerk of Court address is:
2115 Second Street
Fort Myers, FL, 33902.
The phone number is: (239)-533-5007.

What is the cost of the marriage license?

$86.00 as of February 2022

How long does one have to wait after getting the license, to get married?

A three day wait is required for Florida residents, unless they have 4 hours of counseling. There is no wait for out of state residents.

What does the Officiate provide?

This may vary with each officiate; however, Beautiful Florida Weddings creates a custom ceremony that reflects the thoughts, feelings, ideas and beliefs of the couple, meets with the couple when possible, delivers a beautiful ceremony, signs the marriage license, then files it at the Clerk of Courts office.

Do you go on location: Beach, garden, chapel, resort, or private residence?


Are all the Wedding Ceremonies the same?

Every ceremony is different because, it is based on the couple's thoughts, feelings, ideas, and beliefs.

Can the wedding ceremony be blended for beliefs and heritage?

Of course!

What is the cost to perform a wedding ceremony?

In Fort Myers, Florida, without a rehearsal, the fee would be $200 - $275. See the "Packages" page for more information

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