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10 Ways to Wow

You can create positive elements of surprise by adding one of the following into your wedding ceremony:

  1. At the beginning of the Double Ring Ceremony, family and friends are invited to state a one word wish or blessing on the rings for this couple.

  2. Everyone will receive a battery operated candle as they enter the ceremony area. After the Introduction of the Couple, everyone turns on their light, lifting into the air as they turn toward the aisle, to create an arch for the recessional.

  3. When a wedding ceremony is blending two families together, vows between the new parent and child can be created, as well as the child to the new parent.

  4. For spiritual ceremonies: after the vows, during the ceremony, the couple will write their names and their wedding date in the Family Bible as a ritual, joining with the past generations.

  5. For vintage styled weddings, give an antique handkerchief to all the women attending the ceremony.

  6. Begin the Wedding Ceremony with, “Once upon a time,” sharing the love story of the couple, concluding with, “And they lived happily ever after!” for the fairytale style wedding.

  7. Play a recorded video message or “skype” live during the ceremony from a family member who could not attend, perhaps someone in the military.

  8. For Hand-Fasting Ceremonies, the cord can be made from material that was significant in some way to the bride and groom. Examples would be: their baby blankets, christening garments or something made from an item of clothing from past generations.

  9. As the guests enter the wedding site, they are invited to write a wish, blessing or prayer for the couple. The messages will be placed in a time capsule along with the couple’s wedding ceremony. These can be opened and read on the couple’s 10th wedding anniversary, and if they choose to, they can renew their vows using the same vows they used on their wedding day.

  10. For vintage style weddings, the groom may choose to wear a pocket watch that was worn by his grandfather or great-grandfather. The watch and fob is placed in the pocket of the groom’s vest, with the heirloom chain displayed.

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