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10 Ways to Welcome Your Guest

Welcoming Option 1

Dear Friends, out of affection for _____________ and _____________ we have gathered to witness and bless their mutual vows which will unite them in marriage. They bring their dreams, which bind them together. They bring that particular personality and spirit which is uniquely their own, and out of which will grow the reality of their life together. We celebrate with them the outward symbol of an inward union of hearts, a union created by friendship, respect, and love.

Welcoming Option 2

Family and friends, you have been invited here today to witness, to bless, and to celebrate the marriage of ________ and ________. Although this is their day, it is also a tribute to all of you. For knowing you and interacting with you has helped to make ________ and ________ who they needed to be to find each other. They would like to thank you all for that. All of you are the threads of which have woven the tapestry of their lives. Each one of you is an important piece in the story it tells. It is the fabric that they wrap around themselves and take comfort in. You all hold a place in their hearts reserved for those that they have chosen to be called “Family” and “Friends” and they are deeply grateful for each and every one of you here today.

Welcoming Option 3

Family and friends, we welcome you to this joyous occasion to celebrate the marriage of ______ and _____. Every marriage needs the love, nurturance, and support of a network of friends and family. On this wedding day I ask you not only to be friends of _______ or________, but the friends of them as a couple. ________ and ________ are grateful that you are here and they will never forget your sharing this special day in their lives.

Welcoming Option 4

Welcome family and friends to this grand celebration of love! It is truly a joy for two people to find one another and to love so deeply that they embrace marriage. That is why we are all here today, to witness and celebrate __________ and _________ commitment to their union. On behalf of them, I welcome you all.

Welcoming Option 5

Family and friends, we gather here today to witness and celebrate an act of deep love. _______ and _________, in their devotion, respect, and love for each other wish to unite in the holy bond of marriage, and to dedicate themselves to each other's happiness and well-being as husband and wife and soul mates. On behalf of them, I welcome you all.

Welcoming Option 6

Today, we gather together, not to mark the start of a relationship, but to recognize a deep connection that already exists. We celebrate with them, in this wonderful and joyful occurrence that has already taken place in their lives. 
This ceremony is a public affirmation of that love. 
Love is an extraordinary gift. We are here today to celebrate this show of love… Hear their expressions of poetry... Feel their music of commitment... Embrace the uniqueness of this ceremony and the beauty of this special day. On behalf of them I welcome you.

Welcoming Option 7

(A welcome with only the couple present) ____________ and ______________ 
We have gathered today to witness and to bless the mutual vows that will unite you in marriage. I am honored to be with you in celebrating this very special day in your lives.

Welcoming Option 8

On behalf of _______ and _______ along with their families, we extend a warm welcome to all of you and we are all elated that you can join us for this joyous marriage celebration. We have come together this day to uphold you ____(full name)________ and ____(full name)_____ as you exchange your vows of marriage. We celebrate with you the love you have discovered in each other and we support your decision to continue your lives journey together as husband and wife. __________ and ___________ came together from different backgrounds and experiences. Through their marriage they do not leave those behind but instead, form a new family that will broaden the circle of love and understanding in this world.

Welcoming Option 9

Family and Friends, we have gathered today to celebrate the marriage of __________________________ and ___________________ as they pledge to love each other, today, tomorrow and always. They are honored and grateful that you have traveled to share in one of the most special days of their lives. On behalf of them, I welcome you.

Welcoming Option 10

On behalf of __________ and __________, I welcome you all here today. __________ and __________ symbolize a lesson in love and harmony, encouraging all of us to seek a common bond. They come before us with a spirit of human unity, a respect for all traditions of marriage, a strong love for each other, family and friends and a faith in life itself.

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